Who we are

Villani&Co.,founded in 1991, is the ideal partner for companies who want to consolidate, promote or change their image and communication.
We offer a dynamic structure able to join up the needs of our customers by providing them professionals ready to meet any communication need.
Together with our team of creatives, graphic designers, copywriters, reporters, video operators, video producers, multimedia operators, we work in the Identity & Visual design, Multimedia, Press Office, Media Relations, PR, Events, Public Affairs e Lobbying.
Villani&Co. is certified  EN ISO 9001:2015. 


12 Nov 2019

Set up for Leonardo Company - Flying Machine by Leonardo in Genova

08 Nov 2019

Services, supplying and design for Acea S.p.a. at Ecomondo 2019 in Rimini

30 Oct 2019

Designing the Compliance Council 2019 read

22 Oct 2019

Leonardo da Vinci's flying machine is at the Italian Embassy in Washington DC fo...